I Believe in Change… Do You?

- Caitlin Liebenberg
I believe in humanity.
I believe in change.
I believe in South Africa.

I cannot willingly accept that life as it is today is anywhere near what it should be,  & I cannot accept that I have no say in the workings of the world around me.

I believe in the possibility of a global consciousness. I believe that whatever you want to call it, humans have an essence within us that separates us from being purely animal, purely physical – if all we are is a product of evolution – shouldn’t we be doing a better job at guaranteeing our survival? I believe with we’ve lost our understanding of humanity – we’ve become disconnected from what it means to be a person, & how to be one. We roll around in a tide of acceptance, & the common comparison of people to sheep is incredibly, & depressingly accurate.

I believe that we have the capacity to make a difference – individually, locally & globally –that in connecting with ourselves we can connect with others, & embrace the brilliance & beauty of human existence.

We have the ability to transform South Africa.

I don’t have all the answers.

I believe it would be naive to assume I did. I struggle daily with my own small mindedness & distractions. I just know that what we’re doing now is NOT working, & whether you are a capitalist, a socialist, an atheist, a hippy-happy flower power follower or any of the other numerous categories we use to separate ourselves into, surely the one thing we can all support is life? Well, life right now is not sustainable, & for the sake of whatever deity or currency you worship, surely we can accept that something needs to change.

People keep telling me that life is life. That not only should I accept it, but that it borders on the ridiculousness to expect anything more. Well I say no.

What I do know.

History is full of people who accepted the status quo, people who seemed not only to believe that the hand they were dealt was all they could ever experience, but people who seemed to actively deny opportunities to change the game – people who neither believed in change nor the possibility of its existence. The world is full of like-minded people today. But do we learn about “Alexander the Underwhelming”, or possibly “Napoleon the Mediocre”? No, we learn about “the Great”. because history does not remember those who deny the very power they inherited with their humanity. History, & people, celebrate those who actively fight for what they want & those who believe in themselves – it is intrinsic to the human spirit, & it is why names like Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Rosa Parks & Mandela stand alongside those names of power.

This is why I believe in change.

Because of those who came before me & believed, those who recognised within themselves the spark of creation, & the ability to connect to more than their simple animal nature, & make things things happen. For themselves & others. People who, with or without vanity, understood that they had a part to play in the design of their lives, & the collective existence of humanity.

So, to the nay-sayers, I ask simply, how can you reject the possibility of change when it forms the foundation of our society & existence, & how can you reject the idea of a human essence when each & every person has experienced it? & to those who stand with me in the desire for more, whether individually or world wide, & a return to that which separates us from the beasts, I ask this – What are we waiting for?

We Are Rainbow!

Published by

Caitlin Liebenberg

Adventurer, blogger, freelance writer, music lover, wannabe photographer, deep thinker & easily distract... SQUIRREL! I've been on the road for 10 months. I've lived in Turkey, Greece and England - for me travel isn't all about what you see, but embracing the culture of the country and community you find yourself in. I'm an aspiring creative and I offer freelance blogging, copy-writing and editorial services. I can also be relied on to provide almost every type of writing required. This ranges from short fiction stories, to feature articles, interest pieces, non-fiction essays and research. Marketing is the name of my new game, and I work as a freelance Consultant and Events Planner in my spare time. Life is worth the effort it takes to truly live.

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