We need love. 

Our country isn’t about to go anywhere while we have this constant and unyielding sense of fear and mistrust of others. When are we going to realise that no matter who you are, you are HUMAN, and that means you can find some way to relate – no matter how different we may appear on first glance.


The time has come to reach out -past our fences and our walls, past our prejudices and stereotypes – and love those around us. Together we have the power to trump any failing government or economic crisis; when we stand united our strengths can only multiply, but by letting doubt and insecurity control our thoughts and our lives we will continue to fall.

Love is about understanding that we are ALL family, that we all share the common dreams and desires, that we are not ripped apart by differences but enlightened by them. I urge you, take a moment each day, just to love someone – because you can.

We Are Rainbow.

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