Pulling all the colours together to form the Rainbow

-Brett "Fish" Anderson

My name is brett “fish” Anderson, born in Johannesburg but spent most of my life in Cape Town and then Stellenbosch, am married to tbV [the beautiful Val] and we have just moved back to South Africa after 3 years in what i like to call Americaland, where we worked with a couple of non-profits [Yes people, Americaland needs help too! And how!]

i LOVE this country and unless God, or maybe my wife, decide we need to be somewhere else, i will choose this as my number 1 place to live, hands down. South Africa is kind of like trying to eat a mielie with your hands. It’s a complete mess-fest, but I love it. Butter and salt and little pieces of mielie on your hands and stuck between your teeth – the meal that keeps on giving – but an all-round enjoyable experience. And I found that while I was in Americaland my heart for South Africa and in particular for racial reconciliation and bridge-building and unity and life to the fullness among all cultures, colours and creeds was intensified within me. I got quite involved from a social media spectator point of view in all the race stuff that was happening in Americaland with Trayvon Martin and #BlackLivesMatter, #MassIncarceration and #Ferguson and a whole bunch of other things. And realised that they are just as messed up over there and saw some interesting overlaps and tried to listen to a lot of black voices that were speaking up and out about things.


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