Energy Crisis? Put this in your pipe and smoke it!

- Aimée Elizabeth Clarke

Hydrogen fuel! We’ve all heard about it, but usually from movies or news items from the first world. What you probably haven’t heard about is how South Africa is making leaps towards commercial hydrogen fuel. It’s pretty cool (and not just because hydrogen is stored at sub-zero temperatures).

Late last year HydroSA launched their new Infrastructure centre in Pretoria. There was an awesome launch where we got to meet some truly spectacular students and scientists – South Africans who are working hard to make hydrogen fuel a reality. And they are getting close! (Like in-the-next-ten-years close). It might be the slightly sheltered white girl in me, but it was exciting to see young black students showing us their idea of the future of South Africa and actually working towards it. A nice change from the usual “If [insert any politician’s name here] becomes president, I’m leaving!”

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