Energy Crisis? Put this in your pipe and smoke it!

- Aimée Elizabeth Clarke

Hydrogen fuel! We’ve all heard about it, but usually from movies or news items from the first world. What you probably haven’t heard about is how South Africa is making leaps towards commercial hydrogen fuel. It’s pretty cool (and not just because hydrogen is stored at sub-zero temperatures).

Late last year HydroSA launched their new Infrastructure centre in Pretoria. There was an awesome launch where we got to meet some truly spectacular students and scientists – South Africans who are working hard to make hydrogen fuel a reality. And they are getting close! (Like in-the-next-ten-years close). It might be the slightly sheltered white girl in me, but it was exciting to see young black students showing us their idea of the future of South Africa and actually working towards it. A nice change from the usual “If [insert any politician’s name here] becomes president, I’m leaving!”

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Hello South Africa. We are Rainbow.

In the aftermath of the State of the Nation and the recent xenophobic attacks, some of us are scared. Some of us are angry. Some feel helpless, and I suppose some don’t care. But do not let those feelings control you.

Let’s start a revolution. Change in our beloved country is not going to come through political reform – at least not yet. We need social reform. We need hope, we need love, we need action. Most of all we need each other.

Now is our chance. I believe we have the power to take back our country – not from black nor white, nor rich or poor. We can take back our country from those who would leave us uneducated, underfed, undiagnosed and untreated. From those who would divide us, conquer our spirits. From those who would have us accept a ever darkening future. Violence is not the answer, nor will it ever be.

I SAY NO. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS STATUS QUO. It will not be easy my fellow South Africans. We have a long road ahead of us. But before we become disheartened, let us share in our passion for our beautiful country and her people – our brothers and sisters of all colours, cultures and status. I don’t know where this site will go. But I do know we need a platform to share our love for South Africa, to come together in this time of fear not to despair but to celebrate – to celebrate this opportunity we have to build a better future. And the only way we can do that is if we do it together. Please email/comment through your stories, videos, pictures and practical ideas to make our country whole again – anything we do may only be a small step forward, but apathy and inaction will drag only us back.

Because, South Africa…


Pulling all the colours together to form the Rainbow

-Brett "Fish" Anderson

My name is brett “fish” Anderson, born in Johannesburg but spent most of my life in Cape Town and then Stellenbosch, am married to tbV [the beautiful Val] and we have just moved back to South Africa after 3 years in what i like to call Americaland, where we worked with a couple of non-profits [Yes people, Americaland needs help too! And how!]

i LOVE this country and unless God, or maybe my wife, decide we need to be somewhere else, i will choose this as my number 1 place to live, hands down. South Africa is kind of like trying to eat a mielie with your hands. It’s a complete mess-fest, but I love it. Butter and salt and little pieces of mielie on your hands and stuck between your teeth – the meal that keeps on giving – but an all-round enjoyable experience. And I found that while I was in Americaland my heart for South Africa and in particular for racial reconciliation and bridge-building and unity and life to the fullness among all cultures, colours and creeds was intensified within me. I got quite involved from a social media spectator point of view in all the race stuff that was happening in Americaland with Trayvon Martin and #BlackLivesMatter, #MassIncarceration and #Ferguson and a whole bunch of other things. And realised that they are just as messed up over there and saw some interesting overlaps and tried to listen to a lot of black voices that were speaking up and out about things.


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