I Believe in Change… Do You?

- Caitlin Liebenberg
I believe in humanity.
I believe in change.
I believe in South Africa.

I cannot willingly accept that life as it is today is anywhere near what it should be,  & I cannot accept that I have no say in the workings of the world around me.

I believe in the possibility of a global consciousness. I believe that whatever you want to call it, humans have an essence within us that separates us from being purely animal, purely physical – if all we are is a product of evolution – shouldn’t we be doing a better job at guaranteeing our survival? I believe with we’ve lost our understanding of humanity – we’ve become disconnected from what it means to be a person, & how to be one. We roll around in a tide of acceptance, & the common comparison of people to sheep is incredibly, & depressingly accurate.

I believe that we have the capacity to make a difference – individually, locally & globally –that in connecting with ourselves we can connect with others, & embrace the brilliance & beauty of human existence.

We have the ability to transform South Africa.

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